Production Photos

Work soil for tree planting
Soil must be worked to provide a loose, weed free bed for young trees.


Christmas tree seed beds
Young seedlings are kept in seedbeds until they are strong enough to be planted in the field.


Tree seedbed planting
Seedbeds protect young seedlings and allow for easy watering and fertilizing


Hand Planting christmas trees
Seedlings are often planted in the field by hand.


Machine planting christmas trees
Using a tree planter speeds up the planting process.


Watering newly planted trees.
Watering newly planted seedlings is often a family activity.


Mulching pine trees
Using flax straw mulch can conserve moisture and protect trees from competing weeds.


Mowing tree rows
Mowing keeps weeds from going to seed.


Topping Christmas trees
The tops of pine trees are pruned to set the shape for the tree.


Shearing a pine
Knives are used to shape the body of pine trees


Shaping the top of a fir tree
Fir tree tops must be trimmed to create a “Christmas tree shape”.



Trimming a fir tree
Fir trees are lightly trim with a long knife.